The Complexity of Jeff

In the beginning of the story, it’s very unclear who Jeff is, where he is, why he’s there, what he did, etc. As the story goes on, it becomes easier for the reader to connect these dots concerning Jeff’s character. I found it really interesting that although Jeff is given the drug Verbaluce to enhance his thoughts and the way he verbally conveys them, the thoughts he has without the drug are so complex. Also, when we find out later in the story that Jeff has committed murder and that’s why he is in spiderhead, we can see the progression of his character, from committing that crime to not wanting to see Rachel or Heather suffer from Darkenfloxx despite his neutral feelings towards both women. In the end, when Jeff “escapes” from spiderhead, he thinks about the fate of everyone in spiderhead. He ponders how everyone ended up this way, if they chose it, etc. He conveys his thoughts in a way that really flow and come out almost elegantly, so much so that Jeff says “Wow, I thought, was there some Verbaluce in that drip or what? But no. This was all me now.” I found this quote interesting because Jeff is portrayed as I guess different, for a lack of a better word, from the other people in spiderhead, as he thinks more intensely about what is going on and why, and I think that quote really captures that idea.

One thought on “The Complexity of Jeff

  1. Ella S

    Yes! I found Jeff a really interesting character as well. I really enjoyed being able to slowly unravel the story behind him and get a chance to learn more about him.


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