The truth behind the name “Spiderhead”.

Why is the facility tasked with this inhumane drug research named “Spiderhead”? I think the easy answer is that the lay out of the building closely resembles a spider. However, I think the true meaning is much deeper than that. I think the facility is called Spiderhead because of the resemblance between what is happening within the facility and how spiders naturally kill in the wild. Inside Spiderhead they persuade and trap unsuspecting prisoners and criminals and they slowly experiment on them with drugs. They eventually give the humans, like Jeff, Darkenfloxx that leads them to often die. Spiders in the wild build beautiful webs that trap their unsuspecting prey within and then spiders after a prolonged period of time slowly inject their venom and kill the prey. I think the resemblance in the methods of trapping and killing their prey is the reason the facility is called “Spiderhead”.

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