Good Guys

Toward the end of the short story “Escape from Spiderhead” by George Saunders, The main character Jeff was forced to watch Heather take her own life. Before the same thing was about to happen to Rachel, Jeff thought to himself, “It was like all I had to do to be a killer again was sit there and wait,” (76). After this Jeff saved Rachel by switching the Darkenfloxx into his own MobiPak. Although Jeff and Rachel were prisoners who had done very bad things, Jeff still had the humanity to not want to see someone die. By societies standards Jeff was the ‘bad guy’ for what he had done in the past, while the ‘good guy’ was Abnesti who forced this upon them. With no regard for either of there lives Abnesti was the one to make them endure everything as he looked down upon them. He had no respect for what he thought was beneath him all the while he tried to convince the prisoners that he was the ‘good guy’. Abnesti could not view the prisoners as humans which ultimately put him in the wrong.

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