New kind of prison

Escape from Spiderhead had many new and interesting concepts, but the one that stood out to me was this idea of the new kind of jail that Jeff was in. Jeff, as well as Heather and Rachel, were all criminals and instead of being in a regular prison, they were placed in here. All three of them were convicted of murder as well as other crimes. In this new kind of prison, scientists use these criminals as test subjects to test new drugs and study human emotions. What I found most interesting about this was how they ended up there. On page 68, Jeff says, “The trial almost killed her. She’d spent her savings to get me out of real jail and in here.” His trial was very hard on his mom, she went through many changes and challenges. What was more intriguing was that she paid for her son to go to this new prison instead of “real jail.” Was this better than real jail? Was being a test subject better than spending time in jail? As to why this new place was better than real jail was left unsaid, but I think that was the point. Let us imagine what it was like and why it was better.

3 thoughts on “New kind of prison


    I think that this might be worse than actual prison and Jeff is beginning to realize this. The fact that his Mom paid for him to get into this one I think contributes to Jeff’s guilt surrounding the murder and his relationship with his mother.


  2. Jasmine W

    I think the argument can be made that this is better than a regular prison because of its living conditions – better meals, better rooms, etc. However, I personally think this is worse because of the surgically implanted MobiPak and human experimentation. I would never wanted to be under the influence of drugs 24/7 or not have control over my thoughts and words.



    I think that Jeff was able to do more “normal” things than he would be able to if he was in a regular prison. Compared to the regular prison Jeff and the other inmates are treated quite nicely considering the majority of the characters committed murder. But personally, I would rather be put in regular prison than be a guinea pig for new drugs that could potentially harm me.


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