Does The Drug Usage in “Escape From Spiderhead” Mean Something More?

Sorry I posted on monday, but I guess I did it wrong so here’s mine now.

The usage of drugs is a huge part in the story “Escape From Spiderhead.” Jeff’s feelings and emotions are toyed with throughout the story with these drugs. They use these drugs to make the test subjects fall in love with each other while then seeing if there is a connection after. I think this usage of drugs could be an analogy for drug usage in real life. The love from the drug was described as “This mind-scenery phenomenon was strongest during our thid bout of lovemaking. (Apparently, Abnesti had included some Vivistif in my drip)” (50). Love is supposed to be this mysterious thing that can’t be explained, yet in this story a mere drug can make him and the others feel this. I think the author wanted to show how drugs can make people feel things that aren’t real. Drugs shouldn’t be used to feel things that one doesn’t feel in real life.

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