Human need not apply

While it’s a pleasant optimistic view to point out that humans will always have our humanity to keep us grounded, my pessimistic counter argument would be that horses probably thought they were pretty special until they were replaced by cars. There is no such thing as humanity anymore. Everyone is allowed to live in their own bubble of information and media. Objectivity has gone extinct, and we are nothing but the dead horse the market is going to keep beating until we’re dead. Meaning is pointless anymore as it doesn’t equate to progress. Human emotion is now our biggest flaw. We’re too far down the rabbit hole to even remember what it was like before we fell in it. Everyone had their own narratives, their own story, and their own sense of individuality. But two factors that are soul destroying in my opinion is that we aren’t even just consumers anymore. We are the product. Our emotional, spiritual, and sense of humanity is being manipulated 24/7 for money. We are an entire generation trapped in this prison of apathy and hopelessness where creativity is discouraged. The people in charge of our future don’t want us to think at all and just consume, and the people encouraging us to express ourselves are being replaced by AI. There is a new problem, made very evident if you apply even the most simplest forms of objectivity, humans aren’t needed any more. Concerns include how humanity is going to emotionally deal with this transition that contradicts what we have believed for so long

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