Jeff Has Compassion

In the story Escape from Spiderhead by George sanders Jeff finds himself falling in love then falling out of love with two different women in the span of a few hours. Jeff then has to torture these women that he had once loved and now has no feelings left for them. Jeff who is there because he killed a person now has to watch these two women get tortured. First he watches Heather get tortured and she then ends up dead. Then Abnesti is making him do the same thing to Rachel. The thing is Abnesti won’t go ahead and start the torture with out Jeff saying “acknowledge”. We hear Jeffs internal struggle with letting this torture happen to someone that Jeff has no hard feeling about. So Jeff decides to to take his life instead of torturing Rachael to her death. I think this says a lot about Jeff because he is sacrificing himself to save Rachel and at the end you hear that Jeff is finally at peace when he says “for the first time I’m at ease ..” Jeff is a compassionate person at the end and in the end he stood up to the oppression from Abnesti and realizes that he can make positive decisions that will make an impact for the better.

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