Jeff’s Belief of Predetermination

Towards the end of George Saunders’ Escape from Spiderhead, Jeff goes on a long rant during his trip on the Darkenfloxx. In it he references how the world has screwed the prisoners over because of predetermination of their fate as prisoners. Jeff explains that all of the prisoners in Spiderhead had been “charged by God with the responsibility of growing into total fuck ups”. However, Jeff also includes that the surroundings of each individual had a part in waking up these violent moments. At the end of his rant he claims “and yet their crooked destinies had laid dormant within them, seeds awaiting water and light to bring forth the most violent, life-poisoning flowers”. While I don’t agree with the notion of predetermination of destiny at birth, it is important to notice that he mentions the negative surroundings as the “water and light” that cause the “seeds” to grow into harsh reality.

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