Jeff’s Perception of Love

I find it really interesting how love is shown in this short story as being only sexual. Jeff learns nothing about Heather or Rachel as people, they don’t laugh together or know each other’s favorite things, and yet they claim to be in love because they had sex three times. When talking about Heather, Jeff says “And I was definitely still feeling love for her… Why do you think they call it ‘making love’? That is what we had just made three times: love.” (51). This means that Abnesti/the drug creators also share the same ideas about love, since they are the ones that created the love drug to do that. It seems that everyone in this story just has one idea of what love is, and it doesn’t seem to go much deeper than physical attraction.

2 thoughts on “Jeff’s Perception of Love

  1. Mirabella V.

    This is a really interesting point that I didn’t really think about while reading. But I agree with it, the people in the story all said that they were “in love” despite being able to really describe an emotional connection. When Jeff is with Heather, they do both get a dose of Verbaluce and the story says “we now began freestyling re our sensations and thoughts,” (48) Even though they were given the Verbaluce and had moments of a more intimate connection. When asked to talk about it all the talked about was the sex.


  2. nina a

    This is an interesting take, Rory. I hadn’t considered this before. I find it interesting that they would choose “love” to describe the feelings during and after sex, as opposed to lust. I wonder what has conditioned all of them to believe that love can result from a physical connection.


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