Looking for Humanity

Escape from spider head revolves around an unethical experiment that removes emotions and empathy from the subjects. The experiment scams these subjects into feeling intense passion and love for each other, and then rips it away from them in a second. The main subject we follow is named Jeff, and you really see him find humanity throughout the story. When Jeff was asked to “Darkenfloxx” which is basically torture, Heather or Rachel at the beginning of the story he said “I really didn’t care”(56). An answer that has no empathy behind it and shows a complete lack of humanity, speaking that this “darkenfloxx” has the power to kill someone. When Jeff was told that Heather was gonna be “Darkenfloxxed” he said “I don’t want you to darkenfloxx Heather”(67). Yet again they use their scam to get Jeff to agree. At the end when they try to “darkenfloxx” Rachel he completely disagrees. Jeff then sacrifices himself to save Rachel and says “I was happy, so happy, because for the first time in years, and forevermore, I had not killed, and never would”(81). The story ends with Jeff completing his search for humanity, and decides that he wouldn’t let anyone be hurt anymore.

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