The Morality of Spiderhead

¨Escape From Spiderhead¨ by George Saunders goes into depth about morals and what is morally good or bad. Jeff, although he was a prisoner and was known to do bad things, is arguably a better person than the people in the story who are considered to be ¨good¨. Compared to people like albesti, who is considered to be ¨good¨ but in actuality strays away from basic human emotions and morals. Albesti does not think about the feelings and does not see the prisoners as ¨truly human¨ and disregards their feelings. Jeff on the other hand feels bad when he has to choose who to ¨darkenfloxx¨ because he still considers these people to be human. He states, ¨I just didn´t want to do it to anyone. Even if I did not like the person….¨(56). In this story, morals and morality are shown to be in a grey area when it comes to some people and clear to others considered ¨bad¨ in the story.

2 thoughts on “The Morality of Spiderhead

  1. cassie m

    This was sort of my topic too! Even though Jeff is considered a “worse person” by society because he’s a convicted murderer, he exemplifies more of a moral backbone than either of the two people would be considered “good”. The scientists are also only really considered to be “good” because of their position in society, whereas Jeff has never been in a particularly high position in society, even before his imprisonment. Abnesti and Verlaine’s work kills Heather and likely others, and Jeff too, in a way. Meaning that they’ve essentially killed more people than Jeff, yet, they’re not thought of as killers while Jeff is.

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