Inability to Escape From Lunacy

Abnesti and Verlaine operate under the guise of scientific inquiry, however there is no ethics in their experiments and observations. They test drugs on the lowest levels of society: prisoners.

They operate under the name of science, yet their actual reasons for continuing experiments are nothing but unethical. ” ‘Are we going to Darkenfloxx TM Rachel now?’ I said. ‘Think, Jeff,’ Abnesti said. ‘How can we know that you love neither Rachel nor Heather if we only have data regarding your reaction to what just now happened to Heather? Use your noggin. You are not a scientist, but Lord knows you work around scientist all day'” (73).

And when the small voice in the back of their heads say that maybe this is wrong, the beliefs of the system they are in quickly override any sense of sanity. … “Jeff, maybe you’re overthinking this, Abnesti said. ‘It is possible the Darkenfloxx TM will kill Rachel? Sure. We have the Heather precedent. On the other hand, Rachel may be stronger. She seems a little larger.’ ‘She’s actually a little smaller,’ Verlaine said. ‘Well, maybe she’s tougher,” Abnesti said” (73).

One thought on “Inability to Escape From Lunacy

  1. TALIB B

    I think this story poses an exaggerated dilemma that all of us are soon going to have to face. Technology is advancing faster than society is ready for it and we must soon decide when science and technology are going too far. An example of such are genetically modified babies, should scientists be allowed to change the genetics of a baby if it means they could avoid diseases like cancer or is that against natural human nature and shouldn’t be allowed? These are real questions that are going to require real thought and real answers soon enough. I think this story was a preview into a possible world we might soon be living in.

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