Mutual Recognition in Our Life

In Benjamin’s theory, she talks about mutually recognizing the other people in your relationships. I think that mutual recognition can also extend to people with different ideas.

Our society is full of people who have dissenting ideas. In politics, our country is becoming extremely polarized and people cannot agree with each other politically. There is rarely compromise between parties or people. I think that political parties and political ideology can be binaries, even though political viewpoints are ideas and not an inherent part of you. I think Benjamin would argue that mutual recognition and binaries can be applied to ideas and politics.

3 thoughts on “Mutual Recognition in Our Life


    I like how you used the example of binaries in politics. And how a mutual recognition could be created so that more compromise can be made. I think that both should be used in politics because some argument is good, but polarizing parties should be fixed.


  2. Alex P

    It’s interesting how you are applying mutual recognition to ideas instead of just relationships because Benjamin never mentions it, but it could work. Also I like how you are applying it to politics since it is such a relevant topic at this moment in time.


  3. Zach B

    Yeah this is very true. It seems like everyone has to look each other as right or wrong. The term “agree to disagree” is not prominent anymore. If more people come to compromises and understand other peoples viewpoints things could go smoother.


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