rereading for the right purpose

This summer, I read the book “Homegoing” by Yaa Gyasi. The book followed the descendants of two half sisters, one who is sold into slavery, and the other who marries an Englishman. The essay intertwined history with storytelling and made you feel entrapped in the story. After the story ended, I took a day to sit on it and reflect on the book. The story was extremely moving and impactful, and I knew that I needed to reread it. I needed to relearn the history, re immerse myself in the character’s stories, and find more meaning from the book.

When Nabakov talked about how good readers are rereaders, I instantly thought about me wanting to reread Homegoing. Even though I wanted to reread Homegoing, there are many other books I haven’t considered rereading. There are also so many reasons why someone would want to reread-they wanted more emotional depth, they didn’t understand it the first time, or they just loved the book in general. I think that a good reader can be a rereader, but they don’t have to be. I think that a good writer makes books that readers reread because they love the book or they want to get even more depth and meaning out of it. I wanted to reread Homegoing because Gyasi was such an amazing writer and I needed to lose myself in the book again.

2 thoughts on “rereading for the right purpose

  1. TIARA O

    I agree that rereading is very valuable. When you go back and reread you catch small details that you may have missed that add even more to the story. It is amazing when you are able to reread and still be entertained/engaged in the story.


  2. MAYA L

    I like what how you said that “a good reader can be a rereader, but they don’t have to be.” I’ve had a problem with the idea of having to be a rereader because I feel like if I reread something I’m not actually interested in, I won’t take in the information in any new or better ways. I agree that the effectiveness of rereading also relies on the writer being a good writer.


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