Significance of Bread

I believe “A Conversation About Bread” is personally the best story I’ve read from the short story packet to date. The connection between racial socioeconomic status within the story was tied to a simple essay about bread. In the perspective of someone who is white, most likely your class economically is higher, and I think this leaves whites to question blacks just because they are so engaged with someone that’s “so different” to themselves. This person within the story was the librarian, as whenever one of the children said a big word or even as the time of the conversation grew, she grew more and more engaged with what they were talking about. When the kids were talking about croissants the librarian thought the kids were humorous when in fact croissants are something these kids don’t see often. Blacks constantly carry a double consciousness with them and I feel as if the story exemplifies this especially Brian, who is incredibly cautious because he is a man of color while also being disabled. The huge factor though is that Brian said HE’S MORE AFRAID OF BEING BLACK THEN DISABLED. That really pinpoints the double consciousness these people carry throughout daily life. I thought the story tying an essay about bread to a true issue in modern society was fantastic and it really appealed to me as a reader.

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