And Exit I Shall

For my summer reading book I chose “Exit, Pursued by a Bear” by E. K. Johnston. The story is split into 4 parts each surrounding a the main character Hermione Winters and the trauma she endures at summer. Johnston is able to create a new world in her writing but is unable to enchant, which Nabokov says is the most important part of storytelling. I also think that for the simplicity of the plot Johnston does not take the story anywhere new (or make better than nature). The message of the writing is the most important part but her writing does not add anything to the meaning, it just relays it. Johnston’s writing lacked a lot of imagery which was another reason the book was unable to enchant. I think imagery is really important in captivating an audience. Much like Sydney, I also chose it just because of the cover so I have no one to blame but myself for reading this book. I think if Johnston was to add a plot twist it could’ve made this read a lot more enjoyable and I defiantly should read the back cover of things next time I decide what book I’m going to read.

3 thoughts on “And Exit I Shall


    Thank you for warning me to not read this book only to be disappointed by it. I agree, imagery is extremely important in every story. I have read stories that did not utilize imagery to a certain extent, but still managed to captivate me. Unfortunately that can’t be the case for every book. I think imagery is a great tool in storytelling since it describes the world and what the character is experiencing.



    I think you made a very interesting and insightful critique of “Exit, Pursued By a Bear.” It is interesting to me that although a cover may enchant the reader at first glance, if imagery is not continuously used throughout a story, the enchantment is gone. This leaving or exiting the piece also causes the reader to want to exit the piece.


  3. SOFIA F

    Totally agree with this review of the book! ¨Exit, Pursued by a Bear¨ covered a very intense topic but did not deliver in terms of depth. This book was surface level at best due to a lack of imagery or any interesting details.


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