Are We All Fools?

A few weekends ago, my family had a movie night, and we decided to watch the thriller, “Primal Fear.” The movie follows a suspect in a murder trial. Everyone believes that this man is guilty, as he is seen running in blood from the crime scene. One lawyer who is taking a leave from his profession sees this chase on TV and immediately sees innocence in this man. The lawyer decides to come back to work to defend the suspect for free. 

Throughout the movie, we see memory loss and an overly apologetic tone in the suspect. Then the suspect, when angered, turns into another hostile personality. By the end of the trial, the lawyer is able to prove the suspect innocent because of his apparent multiple personality disorder. The lawyer believed that it was not the suspect’s fault and that this disorder does not define who he really is. However, after the trial successfully ended, the suspect turns to the lawyer and explains, “You are so stupid,” and “Did you really think I was that cute innocent boy?” This plot twist reminded me of the ending of “Good Country People.” 

Towards the end of Hulga’s date with the salesman, the true character of the salesman is revealed. When Hulga begs for her leg back, and the salesman refuses, we find that he was fooling her the entire time. He collects rare items such as that prosthetic leg or a woman’s glass eye. Once Hulga asks why he would do this because he is a Christian, the salesman exclaims, “I hope you don’t think,…that I believe in that crap!”(9). This exact line reminded me of “Primal Fear” because both the salesman and the suspect were able to play such innocent characters so well. The salesman, who once admired Hulga for everything about her and how brave she is, tells Hulga, “you ain’t so smart…”(9). I think it is significant to note that Hulga was the one who was proved a fool, though she has never been interested in anything ever. The one person who sees the “real” and the non sugar coated version of life, unlike her mother, is the one who is lied to. This twisted end makes you wonder: are we all fools?

4 thoughts on “Are We All Fools?


    I like this thought a lot. I myself in the beginning was fooled a bit into thinking that the salesman was a good person too. I also at first thought that Hulga liking the salesman was good for her because she seemed a little standoffish in the story. But after awhile I knew something was very wrong with the salesman when he forced her to tell him that she loved him.


  2. Charles V

    In some way everyone is a fool! However a fool is not always a bad things because it leads to change for the future. I totally agree with your thought though. I was confused on where Hulga and Pointer’s relationship was going. I thought it was going to end on a high note. But with the snap of the fingers anything can change and someones real self can come out.


  3. ryan c

    I really enjoyed this. I find it interesting is that we can never truly know someone. We may think we do, but we can never truly know someone until we have lived their life in their thoughts. It’s scary to think that everything you think is true might be a lie. I think these passages work well in describing how people are never the person you think they are to the full extent.



    Well, the text certainly fooled me! I had a slight suspicion, because I know that the people who seem perfect are usually hiding something. Although his intentions are well hidden, he does ask about Hulga’s leg numerous times, but he covers it up in an innocent fascination. We are all fools in a way, that’s an effect of trust. It’s just up to us to not let our guards down when we know we can’t fully trust somebody, and pick up on any red flags.


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