Escape From Emotion

George Saunders, “Escape from Spiderhead” approaches the idea of artificial emotions. With this in mind, as our world has evolved, emotions have become more standardized. There are feelings we are supposed to feel in different situations, rather it be the mourning at a funeral opposed to a celebration of life among other examples.

Our minds are programmed to feel emotions that are reasonable in a situation. The real issues come when ones emotions are unable to correspond with the present situation.

Saunders continues his artificial experimentation with emotion by displaying a human weakness regarding emotion. The inability to afflict pain on an innocent being. In the story this trait has to be deciphered from affection in order to test the effectiveness of the drug, but still with the deactivation of the drug, human compassion remains intact.

2 thoughts on “Escape From Emotion

  1. AVERY M

    I agree with your view about how Sauders presents emotion. I also think that it is interesting how he juxtaposes the manipulation of emotion (making it look almost worthless) with Jeff’s extreme emotion about the death of the girls in the experiment.



    I think what you said about artificial emotion is very interesting. I think with every passing day, our intelligence, feelings, etc. become more artificial. It is refreshing to know that some “human compassion is still intact.” Going off of this post, it is interesting to wonder what the future will look like. Will human compassion still be present, or will we become what this experiment hopes?


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