“Good Country People” or not so much

I read the story the ” Good Country People” by Flannery O’Connor and I thought the story was good but the characters were so weird. For example Mrs.Hopewell was supposed to be this kind women but she was so mean to her daughter. She would say things like ” If you can’t come pleasantly, I don’t want you at all”(2), when she would try to walk with her mom. Mrs.Hopewell also had so many negative thoughts about her daughter and the most shocking one was that she had not come into realization that her daughter only had one leg. Even though the accident was over twenty years ago and you would think that Hulga would not have realized it but it was actually the mom. Also I think Mrs. Hopewell is super fake in a way. Like she not that fond of Mrs. Freedman but she still kept her in the house. Another example of her being fake was her blaming her daughter for not having a bible because she was try to get out of talking to Manley. I just felt like she did not have to lie on her daughter and she could have came up with a better excuse.

3 thoughts on ““Good Country People” or not so much


    I agree with the fact that the characters were developed in a weird way, but i found it interesting. I agree with what you said about having to lie about her daughter.


  2. rory h

    I agree about how the characters all seemed to be bizarre and a bit fake. I found it interesting how at the beginning of the story, it was said that Mrs. Hopewell had no bad traits of her own and just had to use the bad traits of others to help her.


  3. I think Mrs. Hopewell is supposed to show that even though she may seem like a Good Country person she really isn’t very nice. I think she is supposed to show that not everything is as it seems which foreshadows how Manley isn’t who he seems.


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