Lack of Mutual Recognition Today

Mutual Recognition is a theory made by Jessica Benjamin that allows people to realize that we are all human and recognize others. Today mutual recognition is lacking in a lot of areas in human life. People are going into a school system that doesn’t recognize them as people, and completely forgets about them. People are being fired because of Covid, and people just forget about them. Innocent people are being killed by the people that are supposed to protect them. We as a society need to see others individuals and truly take into account others emotions and lives. Mutual recognition can be restored with a lot of work. We all need to do better.

2 thoughts on “Lack of Mutual Recognition Today

  1. Ella S

    I love how you used her theory in today’s world. I think it is completely worth noting. I totally agree with you on how there is such a lack of mutual recognition in today’s day and age.


  2. LUKE L

    I agree with you that mutual recognition is not widely used today. However, isn’t a binary school relationship necessary? how could a mutual recognition school work? I don’t think anything would be accomplished or actually learned.


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