“Mutual Recognition”

While we have discussed before the many benefits of mutual recognition in our everyday lives. But what about the negatives? Would a mutual recognition classroom be in our best interest? I don’t think so.

If the teacher is brought down to the same level as the students, nothing would be accomplished. The classroom needs a figure to drive discussion and the flow of ideas. The classroom has to be a binary dynamic, where the teacher shares knowledge with the recipients. How could a mutual recognition function without a figure with significant knowledge on a topic before meeting with the group? The classroom would fall into complete chaos, which in my opinion could be worse than a “boring” lecture. While it is good to acknowledge the everyday usefulness of the mutual recognition perspective, it does have its flaws, such as in the classroom setting.

3 thoughts on ““Mutual Recognition”

  1. MIIKA F.

    I find your perspective hard to disagree with especially since we have all grown up in a pretty strictly binary school system our whole lives. I’m curious though, outside of education, where do you think mutual recognition should be prioritized? Everywhere but school? Or are there other exceptions?



    I agree with Miika above, but I also wonder where else mutual recognition should be prioritized. I only ask that again because to me I feel like you need to have mutual recognition with the teacher as a person, but not necessarily the teacher as a “role.” I only say that becaiuse when we are younger we can not teach ourselves how to read or write, but as we get only I feel like the role of being a person and a teacher can intertwine.


  3. Sara S

    I think you bring up a very good point. In a lot of cases, mutual recognition would be a great thing. When it comes to the example with the teacher/student binary, it is a lot different. Not only would the teacher have to be on the same level of the students, but the students would also have to take on the responsibilities of the teacher. Many kids already struggle with completing homework, and if mutual recognition did happen, they would have to do more work for the class. Pointing out the flaws of mutual recognition is important too.


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