Perspectives in “A Conversation About Bread”

The short story, “A Conversation about Bread” by Nafissa Thompson-Spires, starts off with an interesting story that was being told that seems to be interesting to most readers (including me). However, it is shown in the story that the person reading it, a man named Brian, has a different perspective and opinion on the story. He sees the story as “fetishization” and that he is treating the people in the story as “fragile-like”. The reason Brian thinks this is because of his own personal experiences, he is a disabled man, and his past ex-girlfriend treated him like he was “fragile” as well. Multiple times throughout the story he tells Eldwin that he is “acting just like her [his ex]” (180). However, Brian did not have the intention to have his story “fetishize” the race in any way. He states that, “Didn’t every story provide a narrow representation at best and fetishize someone at worst?” (183). His story never had the intent of doing that.

It is interesting to see how having different personal experiences in life can effect how someone interprets a story. I had found nothing wrong with what Eldwin wrote but as soon as I saw that Brian had a problem with it, I had felt it was wrong to like the story. This can apply to today, any story can seem okay to some, but to others with different experiences, it can feel way differently.

4 thoughts on “Perspectives in “A Conversation About Bread”


    I agree with your statement at the end that to anyone with different experiences that they can view a story differently than others. The first time I read this short story I had the same experience as you where I did not see anything wrong with the story that Eldwin wrote. As we discussed it in class, I started to see the misrepresentation in the story and started to rethink how I was viewing the story. I think that the fact that the story makes people rethink how they view the story makes it so good.


  2. rory h

    I agree with your point, I think it was very interesting how the story made you rethink everything about storytelling and misrepresentation. It made me wonder what is the right way to tell a story and who is able to really do it right?


  3. ryan c

    This text really made me think about how everyone has their own perspective on everything. You brought up how Brian thought Eldwin’s story was bad, and as soon as you heard that you started to look at the written piece differently. It’s interesting how we base our own perspectives off of others.


  4. CAIT O.

    I agree when you say that different personal personal experiences effect how someone interprets a story. I recently wrote my common app essay about Alice in Wonderland. I admire how she created different realities for herself based on her stage in life. This statement reminded me of that. As humans, we pick and choose what we want to see and hear. We see someone as we want to see them. This can be a blessing and a curse, but it is also important to recognize that we are doing this.


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