Your Own World

There’s no denying that our world is built atop social constructs and false systems. It makes no sense for values such as justice and love to have existed before humanity created them. Love doesn’t even have a true universal definition, so how can it be a concrete thing? Almost every person will give a different definition of what they think love is, and what they think of love is entirely based upon the love around them. It’s hardly even their own opinion.

However, if we assume that because we created the ideas of love, relationships, being a “good person,” happiness, etc. that they are not real, what is left?

We can argue that all social constructs hold us back. They limit our experiences, and in many ways, I agree with that. As society has grown, we’ve created rules that if aliens were to study our planet, they would look at in utter confusion. As we discussed in class, why must certain people dress a certain way? Or, why must we go to school for 12 years and then go on to college and potentially even graduate? What is money? What is God? Why is our world the way it is? Who decided these rules? What purpose do they actually have?

You can only reach radical subjectivity by acknowledging that our world does not operate in a sensible fashion. Things happen without reason. Even if you believe in a higher power, you must wonder how that higher power came to be? Why does the higher power not end suffering? Is a higher power who sits there while the world burns below them truly the benevolent higher power the people believe in? Why do people believe in a benevolent God at all?

Even God is not sensible.

But after you acknowledge that things happen without sense, that the world around you will act without logic, and that you are merely a grain of sand in a desert, you realize that you can act however you wish.

In doing so, you can choose to forego all previously learned constructs. You can believe that nothing is real. You can live in perfect nihilism.

Or, you can choose to make your own world. If nothing matters, can you not be your own teacher, your own government, your own prosecutor, your own God?

Thus, can you not choose to believe in nothing and everything at the same time?

If nothing is real and nothing matters, can you not choose to believe in your own versions of love, justice, and happiness? It doesn’t matter if you do or not.

2 thoughts on “Your Own World

  1. Willa S

    I think your entire outlook is incredibly interesting, but particularly your first point. I always underestimate human selfishness. The thought that love and justice existed before us is beyond arrogant. Humans are just creatures. The world wasn’t made for us, and our version of love is something that only attains to us, so how could it possible be created by someone other than us? Of course everything we believe in was made by our society, it’s egotistical to believe that it was there before us.


  2. Isabel K

    I think this outlook is utterly fascinating. Yes, radically subjectivity may be freeing, but is freedom what we truly crave? I think that by finding what we value (even if that lies within social constructs) we can determine our true desires. It is these desires that we must live for – but this does not define the way in which we must live our lives. We must learn not to take everything at face value, but we must also hold true that we are allowed to live within these social systems if we still find them intrinsically valuable to us.


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