Does Love Exist?

Love is a social construct. It exists to distract us from the absurdity of life, from the pain and suffering that we truly live through each day. It is a curtain over our eyes that covers up the truth, that life is miserable.

Who cares?

Why not be happy? Why not spend your life looking for your other half? If life is absurd anyway, why not act irrationally and continue to seek out love? The question of if love exists or is just a social construct is meaningless. We still feel the same longing for love either way. We still feel attraction and heartbreak. So why not look for love?

9 thoughts on “Does Love Exist?

  1. Tao Tao S.

    I think these are great things to think about. I believe that love is a desire that most people have because it ties in with the persons meaning of life. Without love–> there is no meaning of life. I was destined to find love, marry someone, and have kids. without love, I do not have a purpose.

    I think people have to acknowledge that with love, comes sadness and betrayal. Although there is pain and suffering, the possible outcome of finding love and happy is what keeps people hooked to the “adventure” of love.


  2. LUKE L

    Exactly, it may not actually matter, it’s pointless, etc, etc. At a certain point it becomes so pointless you don’t care it’s pointless anymore. By making it so extremely pointless, you could inadvertently make it matter because it doesn’t matter so much.



    If people believe that love is a social construct or not, I think love is important for everyone to experience. People need to have familial or platonic love among friends and family. I think that love can make life more meaningful since it encourages people to live for something.


  4. Alex P

    Although love could be absurd, I agree that it is a good thing to look for and experience. Love means different things to different people and it connects us with the people we care about so why not cling on the idea of it? Whether it is a social construct, veil, or truly real it makes people feel good about themselves and others, making it an important feeling.



    Yeah I think that embracing the absurdity of love is a good thing. If it doesn’t matter, and nobody cares, then why not find the enjoyment in life? I like how you said that whether love does or doesn’t exist doesn’t matter, because it really is all about how it makes us feel. If love is what we want in life, why not believe in it?


  6. TALIB B

    I think that love isn’t purely a social construct. Love in its most broken-down view is testosterone and estrogen which drives lust; dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin which create attraction; and oxytocin and vasopressin which mediates attachment. Love is a very real thing but it’s only as real as you make it out to be. You can call sexual attraction towards someone love, you can call dependence upon someone love, love is all those chemicals put together, and the name you decide to describe them as. I don’t believe that life is necessarily and inherently miserable because life can be so much more rewarding and beautiful than death. Many people wish for more time on this earth not less. I believe true love is very rare, and the word “love” is thrown around way too loosely so it has lost much of its meaning. Love is a great thing to experience and I urge everyone to be open, willing, and to even put your heart out there knowingly it will most likely be broken because love is so worth it in the end.


  7. Sam H

    I don’t know if I completely agree that love is social construct, and while reading this I thought of some interesting things. Animals are capable of feeling love too (or at least what we perceive love to be), and I don’t think that animals are apart of our society (or are they? I am not entirely sure). So does love in nature prove that it’s not a social construct? I don’t really know.



    I do agree that love can be very absurd, but I think it is the absurdity that makes people fall in love in the first place. Love to some people means nothing, but to others it is what our world revolves around. How our objective in life is to find our soulmate and spend the rest of our lives with them. Obviously we usually get these ideas from the movies, but it happens in real life as well. Not everyone finds the love of their life within the span of years to where they are granted, but it is something that most people aim for by the time they are given. Since love seems to be an interpersonal affection, I think life may be fulfilled by some when in love.


  9. nina a

    Hi Izzy!
    I agree that love is a social construct, but I am hesitant to say that makes it not real. I agree that contemplating the meaninglessness of life is a waste of time, when we could be spending the time we have making the most of it- because why not? I think people are justified both in thinking nothing is real/ nothing matters, and in thinking that things do matter because we make them so.


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