How To Live

Camus’ theories of life in the “Myth of Sisyphus” better illuminates the way I see the world. Camus’ description and explanation of the “absurd man” and why the absurd man is able to get more out of life makes me realize how to live life to the fullest. Camus says Sisyphus is happy and gets more out of life because his detachment makes him have a heightened awareness that thus makes him more open to experiences. When I think about my life I like to believe I am an open minded person but my attachment to certain ideals or norms has definitely led me to decline and not pursue experiences that may have been good for me. Camus also says that the absurd man’s absolute content with what he’s doing allows him not to seek explanation or justification for what he’s doing. I think this is really important in my life and others’ as well because many people seek justification for almost everything they do and social media has just made that even worse. I think that once we learn to become less reliant on others’ views about ourselves and we stop worrying about getting validation and justification from others then we can fully live life how we want and not how we are persuaded or forced to. Camus also believes that the absurd man lives his life happily because he has no “what if’s” like normal humans, he is just 100% commitment to the task at hand. This is another key to life that I already knew but I’m still working on. Humans naturally have the fear of making the wrong decision, missing out, and obsessing over what could have been. This is usually compounded with the constant need for validation and justification and leads to unnecessary stress and torment in many people’s lives. Once a person is able to stay focus on the decision they do choose and they don’t overthink or consider the “what if’s” then they will have a much happier and much more successful life. I believe Camus’ theories of life in the “Myth of Sisyphus” are interesting, correct and have large impacts and implications in our everyday lives. I ask of you to also consider his points and be open minded to changing the way you behave and think!

2 thoughts on “How To Live

  1. Zach B

    I agree with you on this. After reading my viewpoint on life has been altered a bit. And like you said, it really makes me want to live life to the fullest possible. I think stories like this can be very beneficial.


  2. EMMET S

    I agree with many of your claims and believe most people would like to live their life in that way. Although, as you stated humans have the habit to overthink and I don’t believe that will ever change. Meaning, people can choose to live their life disconnected and happy, or they can accept their flaws and try to move forward.


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