Smile at the Little Things

Albert Camus brings up an interesting viewpoint of the meaning of life in his argument within “Myth of Sisyphus”. While reading, I reflected on his proposal for why Sisyphus is actually content with his punishment by the Gods. Sisyphus is punished by the Gods with the task of pushing an enormous stone up a hill, all for it to fall back down, and thus Sisyphus must start again. At first, I believed that this would be an extremely challenging and horrible punishment because the person works so hard to complete something but can never quite finish the task. As a perfectionist and goal-oriented person, not being able to successfully bring the stone up the hill without it rolling back down would strike up an excessive amount of anxiety and anger to myself mentally.

What I had not thought about before Camus’s synopsis was that he mentions how his punishment includes several of the wonderful amenities Earth provides including the stone and hill. I believe that Albert Camus argues that since Sisyphus can control his punishment, embrace his fate, and recognizes the amazing objects Earth provides us, Sisyphus is happy.

This allowed for myself to reflect on all of the amazing things that surrounds my everyday life and all the little things I take for granted. The small cherishes of accomplishing and experiencing life.

Although this is not exactly what Camus was stating or trying to prove, my reflection brought me to the ponderous question; what is the meaning of life? I could state all the big and small things that I live for including: family, friends, my future, love, etc. But I have realized that the meaning of life is subjective. Everyone is living for different reasons. It may be because of faith. Or money. Or even living to find the meaning of life. Everyone is living for their own reasons and meaning of life.

So that leads me to think why live for meaning in life in any construct you choose to live if it all ends the same? Death.

But for now, I will embrace my life and cherish everything in my life to the best of my capability.

2 thoughts on “Smile at the Little Things


    Dear Tao,
    I think your comment in the first paragraph about you not being able to successfully roll the stone up the hill is very true to your personality. I appreciate how you recognize your initial perception of Sisyphus’ task and compare it to Camus interpretation. I also enjoyed the ending of your piece when you mention that the meaning to life is subjective, it was a good tie between how you viewed the story of Sisyphus and how you view the meaning of life. Also the ending sounds like your way of expressing the blushing emoji you always use but in words.

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  2. EMMET S

    I agree with your argument that life is subjective, and everyone finds their own different meaning of life. Although, I disagree with your statements in the second paragraph. Sisyphus did not have control over his punishment, the only control he had was being able to push the boulder. Additionally, the Earth is a nice place, but Sisyphus can only struggle and fall down one hill for eternity. He can accept his fate, but I don’t believe anybody would be ecstatic to be in his position.


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