Are We All Socially Constructed?

A few weeks ago, my family had a movie night. We decided to watch the new Netflix movie, Social Dilemma. I had already been familiar with how addicting and damaging social media is, but many parts of the movie surprised me. I was scared to learn that everything we do is recorded in order to make social media more addicting to each individual. How long you look at every post or website is recorded, and then your feed is increasingly tailored towards your interests. In this movie, they also shared how much our personalities are influenced by what we view everyday on social media. I started to ponder how much every person I know is actually genuine. Or is everyone becoming more and more like a machine?
In our Wednesday class, when we started discussing existentialism, this movie popped into my head right away. More specifically, when we talked about each of our lives and the social expectations at each stage of our lives. It seemed that our class was pretty divided when certain questions like, “Is love real?” were introduced. Like my thoughts during the movie, I wondered, is the feeling of “love” real, or is it socially constructed and we only feel “love” because we are so pressured into feeling it? And is this “love” the meaning we all search for in life?

3 thoughts on “Are We All Socially Constructed?


    I also recently watched that movie with my family, it was very interesting to see how our phones have consumed our lives and perspectives today. The discussion we had with our class on Wed. was very impactful as well and had me questioning if love was truly a social construct. I believe, that although love and relationships may be constructed, there is no harm in loving someone or having close relationships, it is what makes us human after all.


  2. Maria D.

    That movie is so important and extremely scary. It makes me very concerned for our generation.

    I think love is more of an emotion than a feeling. Most babies feel love towards a primary guardian before they even know what love is. The word love is made up, and yes, it is made to look a certain way in movies and ads. But it is a natural feeling that is not a system, in my opinion.


  3. Athanasios P.

    I’ve thought about whether love is a social construct or a genuine feeling as well, especially after the discussion we had on Wednesday. Like you said, it seems like society puts so much pressure and importance on finding and experiencing love, however, to me, it is unclear whether love is actually real or just a mixture of multiple emotions such as happiness, attraction, and admiration. I’ve also thought about this because other cultures besides our own do not place as much emphasis on love, and this could indicate that love is a social construct of certain cultures.


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