Does Life Really Matter?

Does life really matter? I continue to ask myself this question looking back on my past decisions and looking forward to my future. Throughout the college application process, I’ve questioned some of my decisions. I do not regret any of my decisions but I do think I could have calmed down a little bit. I could have spent some more time with my family or friends instead of being on my phone for hours. I could have taken a deep breath and realized that one test isn’t going to ruin my future. As individuals, we tend to make our lives more complicated than it needs to be. But yes, in a way everything in life matters.

Relationships are one of the most important values in anyone’s life. Humans are supposed to be social, as we all experienced through quarantine, being isolated from those we love such as friends and extended family can be lonely and difficult. Although constructs like money, power, and religion are all in some way made up by humans, a bond between yourself and others is unlike anything else. Social interaction is what makes life matter to me, does it for you?

4 thoughts on “Does Life Really Matter?


    I do agree with you. I think social interaction is crucial to being a human being. In psychology last year we talked about this girl names Genie and she was locked in her room for the majority of her childhood and with that experience and the lack of human interaction she was unable to fully recover from the speech impediments that came with having no one to talk to. Although i recognize that there are alternative ways for humans to interact with each other i just think it is interesting to address the extreme case scenarios related to this topic.


  2. Sam H

    We say that “humans are social beings” and need to have social interaction, but is that really the case or is that just another product and adaptation to the illusive society we have created for ourselves?


  3. Grace W

    I liked what you said about not regretting your decisions but calming down and making life more complicated than it needs to be. I think many people tend to over think many decisions and worry about living with regret, when they shouldn’t. They should embrace what happens and not think about what could have been.


  4. nina a

    I agree and disagree- I think that nothing in life matters, but that doesn’t make anything in life less valid. At the end of the day, we will all die and even if we change the world, that doesn’t matter because eventually all human life will end. However, the things we assign value too are still valid, because they bring us joy. I think there is a balance between the two.


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