Life Doesn’t Matter If You Don’t Live It

So I was a bit groggy after just barely waking up for advisory and then laying in bed until English started. I was hoping for a relaxing start to my day as I didn’t get much sleep, but instead here comes Mr. Heidkamp wearing a crazy hat and talking about the meaning of life. That was definitely not how I expected to start my Wednesday. Throughout my time reading the stranger so far, I’ve been frustrated by lack of plot, the attitude of Meursault, and the general social commentary style of the book. I knew this was coming though and I expected discussions going forward to be more about the meaning of the book than the book itself. When listening to the lecture, I began drifting a bit into my own thoughts about the true purpose of life. That was until I basically heard Mr. Heidkamp say life doesn’t matter after spending 20 minutes discussing the many various meanings. This is when I got upset. I simply just don’t agree with that lecture or the meaning of this book. In my perspective, life is what you make it. If you spend time thinking about life and what it means, you’re wasting time you can spend figuring out what it means to YOU. Life is not the same for everyone. Every single person will have a slightly varied meaning of life. But why spend time trying to think of that meaning when you can just live. I believe that thinking about what life means is a complete and utter waste of time. You’re never going to truly understand life. So why not just live it instead?

3 thoughts on “Life Doesn’t Matter If You Don’t Live It

  1. Ella S

    Not going to lie this made me giggle a little at the start. But I loved it. I completely agree with you that life is different for everyone. I like your take on just living instead of trying to understand what life is.



    Completely agree with you on this one. Can’t lie I’m with you on waking up, I was pretty tired that morning. Anyway great description and explanation on the theory.


  3. Maria D.

    This is so true, preach Ago. Life is so different for everyone and I don’t think it’s fair to say it’s all made up. This creates unwanted negativity in the world. People should think about their own lives instead of creating generalizations about every life.


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