Life Has No Meaning… Kinda

When I hear the phrase “there is no meaning to life”, I’d almost agree except for one exception- I believe there is no universal meaning to life.

After our class discussion about existentialism, it became abundantly clear to me that no matter what the opinion of life was, everyone had their mind made up on a specific meaning of life. Some argued that love is the ultimate goal, while others stated that we are all just avoiding death.

Our own individual experiences with life shape what we believe the meaning is, and that’s what I think makes this conversation so interesting. Existentialists can argue that one theory makes the most sense, but in actuality we all are clueless as to what the meaning of life actually is. Religion, our upbringing and experiences, our thoughts and ideas- they shape our own explanations for why we are here.

It’s hard for me to gather the words to explain my thoughts on existentialism because it is so universally confusing. No matter what we believe the meaning of life is, there is the underlying truth that no one really knows why we are here. The only thing we can do is come up with our own explanation to help rationalize this absurdity called life.

3 thoughts on “Life Has No Meaning… Kinda

  1. ryan c

    This was a great post about existentialism. I agree with the fact that people try to find meaning in their life but will never truly know. Creating a meaning of life is a coping method for people to stay happy and content with their lives, as they can create a mindset in which they strive for something they condemn to be worthy for their lives, instead of lingering on the fact that everything is pointless. It’s sad that we will never be able to understand the meaning of life or how anything truly came to be. For there to be something, there could have never been nothing.


  2. This is a really important point to make. We are all shaped by our different life experiences. I was initially shocked by the existentialist viewpoint until I realized that it was just that. A viewpoint. Nobody knows for sure why the world is cruel or why we love one another. We are all just searching for something that makes sense whether it is social constructs or religion.


  3. Abby S.

    I think that is a good point! I had initially never heard of the existential viewpoint before this, and it really made me think about how we view deem things “this is what makes life worth living” and how we all really don’t know what the meaning of life is. I definitely think that people have to come up with certain things in order to feel better, because the unknown can be scary. I think also people use social constructs and religion to have an answer on why we are here, and to give meaning to our lives. Without them, people will see that everything is actually meaningless, and that is scary for a lot of people. But I agree, I think there isn’t one answer to why life is worth living and that everyone has their own ideas.


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