Lifeless Life?

Evil Heidkamp’s lecturing brought up some interesting thoughts and questions about life and its meaning. One conclusion we drew is that society as a whole is a social construct and doesn’t add any meaning to life, and the only way to truly live a life of meaning is to free ourselves from these systems. After some discussion, A classmate brought up a question that went something along the lines of: If we live our current lives completely consumed by these “systems,” and we think they give our lives meaning (whether it is illusive or not), what would we be without them? Would we really feel true meaning in our lives, or would we feel nothing at all? I do not think we can answer this question without hypothesizing. I don’t think anyone has ever been able to completely separate themselves from all aspects of society and come back to report how it changed them mentally. So, does what we know in present day society truly give our lives meaning, or are we missing out on what real meaning even is? And is any of this even worth consideration? Or am I just falling victim to Heidkamps brainwashing?

One thought on “Lifeless Life?


    I am very positive that without these systems your life could still have meaning. Social constructs simply populate our time and lives but they are separate from the individual both physically and mentally in that if the individual does not interact with these constructs, it is far less likely that an interaction will occur. I am sure there is someone who is somewhere and alone in the woods and living a very meaningful and happy life.


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