Life’s Purpose

As I was listening to Mr. Heidkamp’s lecture in class, it made me think of my life decisions and what I am going to do with the life that I have. To start off, is there a purpose to life? I do not know how to answer that question nor do I feel like I ever will know. None of us know the real reason why we were put on this Earth in the first place, so how will we ever know the real meaning behind our lives. 

In The Stranger, Meursault does not express his sadness when he attends his Mother’s funeral. This to some people may seem crazy, but have you ever considered the fact that he does not know how to respond with how he really feels? How it feels to lose someone you love and to not know the reason why they were taken away from you (not physically). What is the meaning behind death anyways? We may never know the answer, but what we do know is that we have a handful of years to make the most of it.

Some people think that the purpose of life is to find love. That love is the one thing that people strive to have in life. I slightly disagree because I feel like happiness is almost equally important. If you are not living a happy life, then what is the point of life at all? Life feels the best when you are happy, but when you are sad… Life feels depressing and worthless. The emotion people strive for is happiness and if love gets to be a part of that, then I think that is a bonus.

4 thoughts on “Life’s Purpose


    This was a really interesting post and I agree that nobody will ever really know the true purpose of life. Why bother trying to learn the purpose when you can just live, right? That was my first thought reading this.


  2. Very interesting perspective about life being more about happiness than love. I think that everyone should just live their lives to the fullest of their ability and what happens, happens. I love that you emphasized being happy because I feel like that is something that ofter gets looked over.



    I agree with you. I think that just because Meursault did not cry does not mean that he was not affected at all by the death of Maman. Love should not be so forced into the sole meaning of our lives. If Meursault does not find meaning through love in life, I do not think that is a bad thing. I do think he needs to be a little less pessimistic though.


  4. Evelyn R

    I agree with your theory about Stranger and his mothers death but I want to add it could also have been the system of our world mistreating him. As in the book he states that it is better for him not to have emotion because it would interfere with his actions. But overall I liked your connection to human sanity and the meaning of life being happiness and not realying on others. Cause I try to live by that everyday.


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