Meursault Is the Stranger

From what I’ve read so far, I believe that Meursault is the stranger. A stranger is someone who is an outsider or a foreigner and I noticed that Meursault is a stranger to society and somewhat himself.

He doesn’t follow social norms. He didn’t show compassion for his mother, Raymond’s girlfriends, Salamano’s dog, etc. In the eyes of society, his kind of behavior is regarded as bizarre. Meursault does not understand why events have a sentimental value for people and this is what makes him disconnected with society. In addition, I think that he is a stranger to himself in a way, but not more than he is to others. He goes through events without a plan and without commitment to either principles or people. He doesn’t know who he is and he doesn’t care. Meursault is a stranger and an absurdity to society because he does not show any emotions, he has no meaning for life, and his only certainty and guarantee is death.

5 thoughts on “Meursault Is the Stranger

  1. SOFIA F

    I hadn’t thought about it in this way but I totally agree! Even to the people that seem to know him best, Mersault doesn’t open up much- I can definitely see how he might be the “stranger” that the book refers to.


  2. Audrey S

    I also had not thought about him in this way, but I think you bring up a very good point. Meursault is different, an outside, a “stranger.” I disagree that he is a stranger to himself though, I think he is more in tune with himself but just chooses to not follow social norms and does not have a large emotional capacity. I do agree and think that in society and in the world, he is a stranger who exhibits very uncommon behavior and emotions.


  3. ryan c

    This is a very interesting thought. I think you are probably right that the author intended for Meursault to signify the stranger, but I will not make that conclusion until the end of the book. The stranger could also signify society around Meursault. We see the world through meursaults eyes and it could be that everything and everyone is a stranger to Meursault. I think it also could be both.


  4. Hayden Smeaton

    This is a really interesting idea that makes quite a bit on sense in the context of the story. Since we don’t have many opinions on Meursault from other characters in the story, it is a bit hard to say just how awkward or different he really is in the eyes of other people. The only view of the world we get is through his own eyes. Although his thoughts and actions appear very different from “normal” people, he may not be very different to be around.


  5. Max L

    I agree with your perspective on Mersault. He seems very focused on doing nothing and removing the significance from every event. He does not seem to care about any relationships or socially unacceptable behavior. While the book doesn’t explicitly refer to him as “The Stranger,” his isolation and social sequestration portrays him in that sense.


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