What the Heck is Life?

Wednesday morning I logged into zoom to see Mr. Heidkamp in some goofy hat, class was already off to an interesting start. I tried to push my giggles aside and start listening to what he had to say, and boy he had some things to say. Personally I really enjoyed Wednesday class. Did I leave utterly confused, completely. Regardless, I find hearing people’s interpretation of life very intriguing. I did not really agree with what Camus’/Mr.Heidkamp had to say, but it did really get me thinking. Evil Mr.Heidkamp really had me feeling like a philosopher. I can completely understand the idea that happiness is just a social construct that humans feel like they need to have. We are told in life to do tasks to feel happy and as soon as we achieve those tasks the happiness is only temporary until we are told to do something else to make us happy again. I try not to think about that though because I feel like over analyzing life puts a damper on it and doesn’t allow you to live life to the fullest. My moto in life is YOLO, so I try not to think about the actual meaning of life too hard because it takes away from the YOLO aspect. I find that having in depth conversations about what life is can only take me so far because I can only fathom so much. Nonetheless, I know that I will never understand what life is and what it holds, I will just try to roll with the punches.

When we started reading The Stranger I kind of thought it as one of those useless books we have to read for English class. The book was sort of bland. Not much too it, like Meursault. After Wednesday class I totally have a new view of the book thinking about Camus theory of life. Meursault doesn’t really care about anything and acts as if nothing matters, just like Camus theory stated that nothing really matters. I’m still waiting for a big AH HA moment in the book. I’ll keep you guys updated if I find it.

2 thoughts on “What the Heck is Life?


    Yup. Loved logging on to have him in a goofy fit and the words “what is the meaning of life?” written on the board behind him. I think I accidentally sent a picture to one of my friends at another school and they immediately asked me what wack class I was in and when I told them AP Lit, they seemed shocked. But I love that this class is not just about rhetoric and following stupid structure. It allows us to think about things, like Heidkamp was saying and having us talk about, in ways that go against the grain. Step out of the societal rules for a little bit.


  2. Abby S.

    I agree, I left that class feeling a little confused, but interested! I had never heard of the theory of existentialism before then, and I think it definitely made me think about the meaning of life more and how we view what makes life worth living. I too, thought that Mersault was a dull, and emotionless character until I realized what he could represent. I like this class because we don’t just read the book, we think about the deeper issues in them and we see different point of views . I don’t totally agree with the theory, but I think it is interesting to hear other perspectives on life.


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