Marie is Not Naive

To some, it seems that Meursault has completely figured out life more than anyone else and he is living completely free without any illusions. However, I think he is too far over the line between being able to enjoy life vs constantly feeling like nothing matters at all. It is one thing to be naive, but it is another to live without emotion. I think Marie understands life more than she is given credit for, and I like her grasp on everything. Some might think she is portrayed as naive, but in my opinion, she sees the truth yet can still be happy and have a good time. She still loved Meursault after she asked him if he loves her and he “told her it didn’t mean anything but (he) didn’t think so (35),” and it didn’t stop her from being loyal to him even throughout his trial process, because they still had a connection. She does not deny the peculiarity of Meursault, that is one of the things that draws her to him. She feels emotions, but she doesn’t let them dictate her whole life. In addition, it seems the physicality of their relationship and their trips to the beach are some of the only things Meursault seems to enjoy. In conclusion, I think Marie is an important character who has a more sustainable world view than Meursault, and experiencing emotions is a good thing.

2 thoughts on “Marie is Not Naive

  1. AVERY M

    I agree with your view on life. Marie understands Meursaults view on life but chooses to live in a different way. Though she may be living unders a veil, she experienes emotion and happiness and is able to live a life maybe even fuller than that of Meursault.


  2. Marina T

    I like the concept that Marie also had her own version of “epiphany” that what we think gives life meaning doesn’t really give life meaning. However, I don’t think Marie is quite there yet. She still values marriage and fitting into society. She takes pleasure in sex, swimming, and eating something that you wouldn’t enjoy if you truly give up “earthly tethers” (for lack of better term).


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