The Truth Behind and Life and Love

My philosophy on life is probably pretty similar to yours. However, The Stranger by Albert Camus has different ideas. I see life as life. That means that life is what we live in and everyone’s experience with life is usually pretty different from one another. I personally do not like thinking about life other than having the best time possible throughout it and living life to the fullest. This might be because I fear death and do not want life to end, but another factor could be that I do not really know the purpose of life, other than that I am a part of life. Sometimes I feel like I am in a movie and life is the movie and I just play my role hoping to succeed.

Mr. Heidkamp on Wednesday had different ideas for class. He decided to lecture us on the meaning and purpose of life. Although I do not necessarily agree with this lecture, the lecture matches up very similarly to The Stranger. Although I am actually really enjoying this book, sometimes it can be a little dry. These kinds of books are almost always discussed in school for different reasons than just the plot of the story.

Beside the point, I would rather live life and experience it than talk about the purpose and meaning of it. With that being said, has anyone ever found out the true meaning of life? No! So why am I going to? I am just going to spend my time living it.

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