The Weight of Potential Regret

While reading Exit West it had a lot of similarities to the short film “La Loteria”. In “La Loteria” a man who just won the green card lottery must decide between going on his own and marrying his girlfriend so she can come with. Within the short 8 minute film, the couple grapples with their emotions for one another as they approach the date of their wedding. Ultimately, the two decide to get married so they can go to the United States.

Similarly, in Exit West Nadia and Saeed have to figure out if they should marry (65). Nadia, being put on the spot, must figure out if (or how much) she loves Saeed. Nadia ends up staying with Saeed and his father after the death of his mother, which leads to her and Saeed leaving together. At this point I think that Nadia has to convince herself that she is in love with Saeed so that she will not disappoint him or his father. The idea that she should not be with him would be too catastrophic to their current situation, and this is why she stays with him. Once they get to Marin, Nadia and Saeed both recognize that there are no repercussions if they were to separate at this point. Much like “La Loteria” their upcoming move is what is keeping them together not their love for each other.

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