The Media and its Role in Understanding the Other

As technology has become increasingly prevalent in the last few decades, the media has risen to a powerhouse that controls the information that citizens receive. The media plays a crucial role in the portrayal of the “global other” and needs to understand said role in order to accurate represent the underrepresented.

In recent years, the media has begun to include more voices and stories about people who might be considered “others” in America, due to their race, ethnicity, nationality, or birthplace. This inclusion comes with some contingencies however. The media has a job to accurately portray domestic and global situations, and in representing the “global others,” the media must do them justice and reflect the struggles that other people encounter.

5 thoughts on “The Media and its Role in Understanding the Other


    This was an interesting view as technology is truly the key factor in the way everything is communicated. The info we get these days is so media-driven and we only see certain sides of it because of that.


  2. I think it also interesting how it is portrayed in the novel. The point being made here is that it contributes to the portrayal of the “global other” but in the book Nadia and Saeed use the media for connection. Saeed use social media so he feel less like the other and connect with people from his home country.


  3. Sam S

    It’s interesting to me that you center your analysis around the idea of a “media.” It seems to me that as things like the internet become more and more prevalent, there is both an increasing amount of news sources that don’t push one common narrative (so no cohesive “media”) but at the same time it is now the burden of the consumer to decide what to consume and so individual’s media ecologies have become more homogenous. Do you think this changes the way “the other” might be portrayed and even conceived of?



    I agree. The media seems to dictate the opinions of almost anyone across the globe. And I also agree that the media should focus on giving an accurate representation of the struggles of other races, ethnicities, nationalities, etc. I believe that it is crucial for everybody to have a voice and for that voice not to be altered or suppressed in any way.



    I think this is such an interesting point, The media plays such a big role in how we perceive others, especially with the kind of media we are taking in. Many people let what they see dictate how we view others, especially the Other, and I think we should all be more mindful of that.


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