Why Accpeting Refugees is a Win for All

Refugees are an often disputed topic around the United States during a non-pandemic year. Whether to let them in or not. Hotly debated, many want to let refugees in, but just as many want to keep them out. However, despite what many refugee opposers believe, refugees are not a burden to the United States, but they are crucial to helping the country grow in many ways. Accepting, protecting, and empowering refugees is beneficial to the refugees and this country.

The United States allowing refugees in is a win for the refugees for apparent reasons. The earlier a state commits to protecting refugees, the earlier they can move forward with their lives without uncertainty blocking the way. Most importantly, accepting them into the country defends the most precious right of all, the right to live. Turning backs on the refugees in many cases could be fatal for them. Thus, accepting refugees and providing the most basic protection could be lifesaving.

Accepting refugees is also a win for the receiving country, such as the United States, and the communities that host them. By providing them with the right to work, health, and education, refugees can start productive lives in their host countries. The faster they can integrate into the labor force, the faster they can become productive members of society.
The origin countries also benefit from this cycle of migration. The nations of origin benefit from creating business networks between them and the countries where the refugees resettled. For countries overcoming conflict, the flow of new income and investment could be crucial for recovery. In addition to these business relationships, refugees can significantly transfer technologies and knowledge back to their home countries, which creates more competitive and diversified economies.

Lastly, much of the concern with refugees immigrating to a new country is job opportunities for citizens. However, that should not be a concern. Migration economists agree that more foreigners in the labor force do not hurt natives. Mostly because natives and foreigners typically have different skills and compete for other jobs. Foreigners are also more inclined to take the jobs native citizens do not want.

In the end, although there is opposition on whether or not to let refugees in, it should not be under debate. It is beneficial to all sides, and it can change someone’s life forever.

2 thoughts on “Why Accpeting Refugees is a Win for All


    I agree, and your view of migration is so interesting. Refugees are not a burden, and therefore, what is the reason for exclusive barriers in migration? In “Exit West,” characters took on jobs that natives did not want. The help from immigrants through doorways served to help the cities.


  2. Lily M

    I think your perspective on the debate of immigration is very interesting. Similar to your view, I think that integrating migrants into the countries workforce would be beneficial in the long run. Also, in the novel, it was stated in many of the new places that Nadia and Saeed traveled to, that the migrants took less desirable jobs that natives did not want. This acceptation of work reflects the attitude of many people who migrate into the United States because although they work the less desirable jobs, they are relieved to have a successful future.


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