The Melting Pot

In Exit West, one of the common themes is borders and border security. This issue is still very relevant today. Borders are not real; they are a social construct that society accepts. In Hamid’s novel, there are so many migrants that the borders get more and more blurry throughout the novel. When Saeed and Nadia were in London you saw people get violent over their fear of the other as more migrants flooded in through the doors. In today’s America, the issue of border security is a very hot button issue. Some people are very concerned about illegal immigrants and border security which is seen in some of the natives in Exit West. The violence in London is something you could see happening today in the US. What we see in Exit West, though is something we need to remember, is everyone is a migrant. America is a country made up of migrants which is why when we talk about border security it almost seems funny since 90% of our country is made up of migrants or ancestors of migrants.

3 thoughts on “The Melting Pot

  1. Nick W.

    I think its fascinating that this book highlights how made up “borders” really are. Yes, in our world we don’t have magic doors, but they still are something man made. I remember someone in class mentioned how the first thing astronauts notice when they go to space is that there are no borders. We are so used to seeing lines draw on Google Maps. In reality, land is just a blob of green surrounded by blue.


  2. Tao Tao S.

    I also found it extremely fascinating how this book proves that borders are a social concept. It is weird to think that humans created border security to help make sense of what land is and to put a label on it when in reality, all land is, is dirt and water like what Nick said.


  3. Sarah K

    I completely agree, I wrote my post about how the United States is made up of migrants. It is completely unfair to shut someone out of this country on the basis that they do not originate from here, but no one does! Almost every person living in the united states came from a different country at some point in time. I believe that the American Dream is still alive and well for many of these immigrants so we should give them the opportunity to fulfill those dreams.


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