Exit West: The Migration Station

Throughout the novel Exit West, Saeed and Nadia travel constantly and move from open border to open border. Exit West puts the philosophical theory of immigration within America into a perspective, as many other people around the world such as Dubai, etc portray liberalism, granting freedom universally. Many other countries recognize migration, extending beyond the narrow ethnic or political group of citizens who stay in that country as a resident. In the sense of migration, we flip the script and tell the exact opposite of what countries with open border tell, as our president (Trump) tended not to respect the freedoms of those who needed to enter America to benefit their lives. As an immigrant one can not choose politics for self benefit, as they are moving so frequently just to seek improvement on normalized casualties of life. Unlike most places, we as Americans tend to tell a different story. As a wealthier country we tend to get more senseless about our surroundings and our equity is placed through laws that are made within our social justice system. Essentially this portrays America as an executive whole as communitarian towards migration and immigration. As a war is taking place in the novel, migration is eye open to an American like myself as if freedom to migrate in need of benefit was practically the reason why Nadia and Saeed survived. If they didn’t migrate from place to place they probably died to warfare which is why I believe Europe and Asia seem to almost globalize migration. They unify themselves to exemplify that each individual even surrounding their country in most places in these areas respects and sets equal freedoms to the next country over. As Exit West had me note the generosity that comes from migration, I believe America should be more open to migration too.

3 thoughts on “Exit West: The Migration Station

  1. TIARA O

    I agree that the US should do more about migration. It is crazy to look at how privileged I am as a person born in a first-world country. We have to do more to help those in third-world and developing countries who are in need of a safe place to live and basic human necessities like food and water. I think that the difficult thing for the US is that our agendas have to go through multiple layers with voting and discussions/decisions that are made in Congress. Because of these layers the US is not doing as much as we should.



    Lots of people think that migration to the US is a problem. Although there are lots of people who come here illegally, I don’t think they should be punished for escaping a difficult life. Most people who migrate to the US are ready to work hard since they’ve been fighting their whole life. A lot of migrants will end up working harder than people born here.


  3. Sara S

    I liked how you really brought the novel to present day. Since migration laws are debated a lot, I think it’s important to shed light on the topic as you did here. I liked how you mentioned migrants are seeking improvement for their lives. People are attempting to create better lives since their homes look so different. Some people who have grown up in the U.S. have no idea what it’s like to have a feeling that they need to leave, and it’s a really hard idea to grasp.


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