America: The Land of the Free?

This country prides itself on being a free and democratic country. You can argue whether that’s true or not as it honestly depends on who you are, what your values are, and what you stand for most. However, I don’t believe that this country really is what many think of it to be in the eyes of immigrants. The way we talk about, write about, and act about immigration does not in any way show us as such a great place. There is land on land on land that is unused in this country while MILLIONS of refugees seek safe places to live without the pain and troubles of their current homes. So what are we doing??? Not helping much. This nation often views worldwide issues as ‘not our problem’ because we think other countries should be able to deal with things on their own. But my view stands as if we can help why aren’t we doing absolutely everything in our power to do that. While I am not comparing or saying these are the same level issues, the U.S. has refrained from getting involved in global issues previously. We waited years to step in during WWII which wiped out millions of people before we even attempted to help. Sometimes it’s not about what’s best for our country, but rather what is best for humanity. If given the opportunity to help those in need, no matter who they are we should try to take that chance. Because at the end of the day, we’re all migrants.

6 thoughts on “America: The Land of the Free?

  1. I do agree that sometimes we should be more involved in worldwide issues. However, we usually are still involved in worldwide issues even if we are not involved directly. We do still accept refugees and even though it took us a long time to get involved in WWII we did eventually get involved. The hesitation to get involved on the world stage normally comes from a few people which causes the whole country to pause such is the nature of a democratic republic.


  2. TIARA O

    I agree with you that more needs to be done. I actually watched a documentary on Netflix about immigrants for South America attempting to move to the US and it was heartbreaking hearing their stories and seeing many of them being sent back to their war-torn countries. We need to do more, but as Lyla was saying, unfortunately there are a lot of people that our agendas have to go through before being officially enacted and that is a huge reason as to why we as a country are not supporting these migrants as much as we should and could.


  3. ohess4

    The point I agree with you on is how we just don’t acknowledge the abhorrent suffering occurring to other human beings just because they’re not in the U.S. We cling to anything besides actual issues to care about so we don’t have to actually experience the discomfort of attempting to be empathetic. A huge example would be the crisis in Yemen


  4. JAMES T.

    I completely agree with you on the point you brought up here. America is seen as the “leaders of the free world” yet not everyone in America is free. Then when you add to the fact that we aren’t helping people that are striving for what we say we believe in which is very interesting.


  5. Charles V

    I totally agree with you that more needs to be done. “America considered the land of the free” might not always be true but I do believe that it is the better option for most immigrants from where they are coming from. More needs to be done though in terms of treating and providing immigrants with the same opportunities as the natives.


  6. TALIB B

    I agree but you have to remember that this country was built upon the ideals of self-preservation and the demonization and exploitation of minorities and immigrants. Now people with morals almost unanimously agree that if we can help refugees and immigrants, especially when they will help our society then we should 100% allow them to come in. However, the people in power don’t actually care about people, they care about retaining power and helping themselves. If allowing or denying immigrants will help them with their cause then they will do either. It just so happens that right now helping immigrants isn’t a very popular view in many parts of the country so politicians will naturally side with the people who are voting for them because that helps them retain power. We are a country that was built upon the exploitation of minorities, immigrants, and the lower class so it should not be surprising that our politicians would continue their ways because it keeps working for them.


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