Doors that End Where?

First off, I am glad I read this book because I wouldn’t have picked it up on my own and I really enjoyed it. I think Hamid did a fantastic job of connecting real like scenarios into the book. I found the concept of the magical doors very interesting. The idea that a new door will lead to a new life somewhere new is something that happens in today’s day and age. Doors can be seen in different forms weather that be a boat, a plane, a car ride, they all tend to promise a new life somewhere new for people.

But do these doors always mean a better life? I would say not necessarily. Yes conditions may be better now for people once they go through their own form of a door, but is it the life they want to live? I do think it was the best choice for Nadia and Saeed to leave their home country due to the war torn city, but once they got to England and they were stuck in the cross fire that isn’t what they wanted. I feel like doors can have a lot to live up to because sometimes it isn’t always sunshine and rainbows behind them. But I do think forms doors are very important to millions of migrants looking for a better life. For a lot of people their form of a door is the last hope they hold. I just wish Hamid’s version of a door could be an actual thing because it would be able to help so many people.

4 thoughts on “Doors that End Where?

  1. Najda HSJ

    Yes, I definitely agree. Not all of the doors were happy or good, and I think that people believe that leaving your country is always good, but the book clearly showed how not all doors will lead to better lives. Not all of the doors were a better life for Nadia and Saeed, but they all symbolized the hope of finding a new life.


  2. Sara S

    I think your ideas apply to a larger theme that is it takes time to find joy. Like you said, after passing through the door and getting to England, Saeed and Nadia aren’t met with immediate joy. Life is a constant battle and is about having hope things will get better. At the very end of the novel, they both find things they truly enjoy, but it obviously took time. I like your post and hadn’t thought about this until now!


  3. Charles V

    I definitely agree with you as well. I believe that when Saeed and Nadia went through the doors they were hoping for a better life and were willing to take that leap of faith not knowing what is on the other side. I think that this place a huge role in real life as well because sometimes an opportunity is offered to you and it may be seemed to be better than what you currently have but their is never a guarantee. It order to grow and succeed in life you have to be willing to take those leap of faiths in hope for a better outcome on the other side.


  4. Jasmine W

    I also agree in the sense that Hamid’s doors are extremely complex. Leaving a dangerous place doesn’t necessarily mean ending up in a safe one, nor does leaving unhappiness mean finding happiness. Thus, there is a certain grey area of ambiguity that is very open to interpretation. However, regardless of the experiences that result form using the doors, I think the doors themselves do represent hope, which oftentimes is a lifeline in and of itself.


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