Hesitation Beyond The Doors

The author, Mohsin Hamid, did an extraordinary job by building strong connections with the characters throughout the novel. The mystical doors that led to various places interested me the most because they always led somewhere new. In Exit West, the doors seemed to give Saeed and Nadia new and improved opportunities that they would never be given if it was not for the mysterious doors.

Doors can be seen differently through everyone’s eyes. Some might see doors as new opportunities, or they may see them as obstacles that they are facing in life. Either way, doors can be life changing and eye opening. This does not always mean that the life changing moments will always be positive, they can be negative as well. Although, when Saeed and Nadia leave their home to get away from war, it seemed to be a positive until they arrived in England. In London they had a very different job description, “Saeed and Nadia’s worker camp was bounded by a perimeter fence. Inside this were large pavilions of crayfish fabric that looked like plastic, supported by metal trusses in such a way that each reared up, and was airy within, and was resistant to the wind and rain” (170). This quote shows how different their lives were after going through the door (their new opportunity). I do believe that when you take advantage of opportunities like this, they will pay you back positively in the end.

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