Not The Stranger but The Other

The stories of global others aren’t told by the proclaimed other. Instead reporters and journalists have mere glimpses into their worlds and come to form their own conclusions on what they believe to be happening. It is rare that the voice of those experiencing these events is the one that is broadcasted when delivering us international news. The majority of the information given by the media does not offer the perspective of the civilian but instead from an outsider perspective simply stating the effect on the particular population as a whole.

Wide groups of people are also viewed specifically as the other due to the way they are depicted in the film and entertainment industry. In many western films, the main character travels to a country outside the United States, and often times these countries are made out to be recognized by the audience as “third world countries.” They depict these arrival scenes with views of streets that are extremely crowded along with people that have raggedy appearances, or dirty street markets that contain beggars on every corner. The different races and religions in these movies are shown wearing specific stereotypical outfits, even though, in reality those depicted often wear brands or types of clothing the same as you or I. The religions represented in these films tend to not represent how diverse the entire population truly is. In conclusion, those we deem as global others are not given the proper platform to share their stories and experiences. The film and entertainment industry holds them down even more so, whether intentionally or not, by creating large generalizations of entire populations for people to base their judgment upon.

One thought on “Not The Stranger but The Other

  1. Maggie Rose B

    This is very true. I feel like part of what initially creates these strong ideas of an other is the narrative used to describe different groups of people. If every group of people were able to tell their own stories, groups wouldn’t seem as drastically different from one another and mutual recognition would be able to occur.


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