Saeed’s personal development through life

Saeed is able to grow as a person through his experiences in his life. He finds that a strong way to connect to his parents is through prayer. At a young age Saeed learns and expands on his prayer life with the guidance of his parents. Throughout his later years prayer gives him and escape and allows for prayer to give him answers to his problems when others are not around. Through the process of developing his prayer life it allowed for him to grow closer to his family. Nadia was part of his family for most of his early years. When both of his parents died she was the only one Saeed could turn to. Through prayer however, he is still able to talk to and connect with his parents that had passed away during his life. With prayer being a center point in Saeed’s life it provided him with the opportunity to find a girl that he really connects well with.

In life I believe that it is really important to have an outlet when you are in those tough and stressful situations. Whether that is prayer/ religion or some sort of activity that allows you to connect with people. Comfort is one if not the most important thing when it comes to making certain life changing decisions as Saeed had to make when deciding his future with Nadia.

One thought on “Saeed’s personal development through life


    I also believe that having a group or activity helps when you are going through a tough time. But also those same groups and activities can help you better understand yourself or even others. Saeed and the preacher’s girl were able to understand each other through their religion.


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