The American Dream

In the novel Exit West, a major idea presented is migration. While Nadia and Saeed are in England, the british people don’t want all of them coming in at first. This is very prevelant in reality with not only fugitives but just migration in America. Some people in the US are scared of people people taking their jobs which I think is ridicuclous. If a person that has most likely had a more difficult life than you can come here and take a job from someone, then I don’t think the people who were here originally are working as hard as they could.

My ideals about migration mostly stem from Dad. He legally came to the US from India when he was 13 and worked so hard for him and his whole family. Without knowing English until he came here, my Dad was able to put himself through med school and bought a house for him, his parents, and his siblings. I think many immigrants have his mentality that the hardest part was getting making it to the US. He was preparred to work as hard as possible to get ahead from the moment he got here. He is the only reason my family is currently in a wealthy neighborhood and if he could do it then I think lots of other migrants can too. It does not matter to me if immigrants got here legally or illegally because they should all be given a chance to thrive in the US.

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