The News’ Other

The news, social media, documentaries, and film inform the people in the World about what is happening. And much like people, these sources are biased and are created to please a certain group of people. For example, if Fox aired a broadcast about 9/11 and said “It’s a tragedy…hundreds are dead…it’s the Muslim’s fault”, the people who watch that program religiously will probably start treating all Muslim’s as the “other”, and lesser than them, even if they don’t know their situation. On the other hand, If CNN said “Hundreds of people have died… it’s Bush and Dick Cheney’s fault”, about the same situation, they might treat the Presidency and Muslim people as “others”.

Most of the time, when people hear something said from a reliable source, their first instinct is to believe it. Personally, I don’t think the man or woman who owns NBC or some social media company is qualified to speak on the life of an immigrant who just arrived from a war riddled country. Because they are rich and probably live in a mansion overlooking a beautiful view.

These large corporations manipulate people to believe things to collect ad revenue, while people treat “others” differently because of it. It’s not justifiable, and will most likely not change, so everything I hear on the news I take with a grain of salt.

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