The Relationship between Nadia and Saeed

When I first started reading the book I really thought that Nadia and Saeed would be married and have a happily ever after. That was before the plot began developing. I think they would of had a chance as a couple but I think that they were trying to survive which put a lot of stress on them as a couple. But as a couple I liked how loyal and caring they were to each other. You could tell that they tried to be there for each other even though they were individually “going through it.” I think that them just staying together and not stepping out on each other helped them get through the rough situation they were in,”and whatever name they gave their bond they each in their own way believed it required them to protect the other, and so neither talked much of drifting apart, not wanting to inflict a fear of abandonment”(203). But toward the end of the book I started seeing that as a couple they would not be the best fit and they started to drift away from each other. I think that them drifting away helped them meet more like minded people. At the end of the book I liked the possibility of them maybe getting back together I thought that gave everyone reading the book a little of a happy ending.

2 thoughts on “The Relationship between Nadia and Saeed


    I 100% agree with you Nakayla. Personally, I would be disappointed if Hamid had kept Nadia and Saeed together at the end. It was very clear to me that they had both moved on with their lives. If they had stayed together, I think they would have gotten a divorce and things would end badly. With the ending that he gave us, we as readers know that they lived happy lives without each other.


  2. Zoe H

    I agree with both of you! I think that it would have been strange, unrealistic, and uncomfortable if Nadia and Saeed had stayed together. I personally think that Hamid carefully balanced an element of sadness and hurt with the relief that also comes with the end of something that isn’t working out. It was relatable and comforting to read a piece that portrayed growth in a way that I could identify with. Nadia and Saeed never resented eachother, and the end of their relationship didn’t discredit the memories they reaped from it.


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