A Title: Mr. Heidkamp Loves Titles That Brings in the Reader About Mutual Recognition

Titles can bring in readers just as much as they turn them away, and everybody has a title in a way. Something that people can see on the outside without having any knowledge of the inside. It could be your race, religion, appearance, accent, etc. Often times not understanding something or someone is the reason mutual recognition cannot be reached. However, despite everyone being different in their own sense, I think it is very possible to come to global recognition. Although a full comprehension of someone’s situation is impossible, I don’t think it is necessary for someone to recognize it through shared experiences.

In a sense, we are all migrators. Hamid writes, “We are all migrants through time” (209). People often judge people who have migrated, but it is that mindset that prevents global mutual recognition. Instead of worrying about what land they come from, worry about why they left. I think this book gives people a sympathetic perspective on people that come from significantly different backgrounds. It might give people the incentive to think twice about someone’s story before coming to a conclusion on your own.

Honestly, I don’t think global recognition will ever come. People at their nature are judgmental and greedy. With natural instincts like these, it is simply impossible to be able to empathize and think unbiased thoughts with everybody, especially when sometimes the horrible thoughts you might think about someone might be true. With this in mind, Global recognition is possible in a perfect world, but ours just simply imperfect.

One thought on “A Title: Mr. Heidkamp Loves Titles That Brings in the Reader About Mutual Recognition


    I think this is a great point. Especially in Western politics, people tend to focus on fear which then guides their beliefs. However, this is not healthy and causes more division between people. If we all took the time to understand each other’s backstories, I believe the world would be a much better place and politics would also be less divided (borders between Mexico and the US, immigration policies, etc.).


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